Support a Good Cause with Mustang Spirit!

Spirit Day


From Mrs. Jaggi via email:

We wanted to let you know that as a school we have decided to combine our upcoming spirit day on January 24th with a very important cause that we would like to support.

The upcoming spirit day will be pajama day and the cause we would like to raise money for is “The Pajama Project.” This charity raises money to purchase pajamas for moms who have lost a child and these pajamas provide comfort during a very difficult time. The project is near to the hearts of the Langley Meadows Community as one of the co-founders of the project is a mom at LM who lost a child to tragedy last year and we are proud to be able to wear pajamas to support her cause.

We would love all of the kids to wear pajamas on Friday, January 24th and if they could bring a $2 donation as well, the money will all be given to support “The Pajama Project.”

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  1. Thank you to all the families of Langley Meadows for supporting The Pajama Project. Losing a child changes your life and who you are forever. I can never bring my son back but I can help other mothers who have lost a child know that they are not alone on their journey of grief. If I can give them a pair of pajamas to wear and feel a moment of peace and know there is someone just like them going thru the same thing and is thinking of them, then I have done my job. My sons death has to have a purpose and this is his legacy for me to help other mothers. Thank you again. Lori

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