Some Announcements…



Executive election was held at Friday’s meeting for our PAC!

Congratulations to all the members of our 2014-2015 PAC Board:

  • PAC President – Corine Hamilton
  • Vice-President – Nadia Carveth
  • Secretary – Shawna Brown
  • Treasurer – Kelli Gosse
  • DPAC Representative – Lindsay Standell
  • Past President & School Planning Committee Coordinator – Kelli Roode

You can find out more about these positions here on our PAC Executive Page. Also, a great big thank you to this past year’s Executive, your contributions have been much appreciated. You rock, Ladies!!!


Middle School Busing Information

Langley School Board Transportation Supervisor, Patty Johnson attended Friday’s PAC meeting to share information and answer questions with regards to busing our kid’s to the new middle school in the Fall. Yorkson Creek’s great new website (link found to the right of this post) has posted a transportation page complete with bus schedule for those of you interested.


PAC Committee Needs Volunteer(s) 



















Interested in volunteering with our PAC? What are your interests? We have space for everyone who has a passion to help in some ways.

Fun lunch committee.. Always needs helpers
Fundraising committee.. Have ideas for an amazing, profitable, fun fundraiser?

Do you have ideas on how to make our Facebook page more informative?
If you want to help please let us know.
Leave a msg here, comment on our website, email or of course speak to a PAC executive at the school.


PAC’s new Facebook Page!

Be sure to check our new informative page… Like it first, then share, Share, SHARE!!!


Staff Appreciation Day May 21st












Staff luncheon is next week.
Volunteers are still needed for both set up and cleanup. Set up be there for 10am, cleanup crew be there after 1230.

The theme is pasta and salads.
If you can make a food donation bring food between 11:15/30.

Our coordinator for the event is Jill Syme. Please communicate with her or comment below if you can help.


Presented by the LMCA…

Breakfast Club is going well. Thanks to everyone who has stepped up to help out. Appreciate all food donations that we have received.

Summer Day Camp –will run all summer. $130 per week 9:00-3:00. Before and After Care available. Please see Erin Yachuk for more info. – This flyer went home last week also available in the office.

After School Activities–running Thursdays for the next 5 weeks. Games Club, Sports Club and Baking.

Beginners Yoga – very good response to this and it immediately all booked up!

Running/Walking Club–we started a walking club operating the same days and times as the running club (Tues., Thurs. and Sundays at 7:00pm). New members for both groups are always welcome!

Don’t forget the Annual Garage Sale May 24th!



Any questions or comments? Feel free to weigh in below or email the PAC directly at:

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    This is awesome! Thanks for all information in a very timely manner!! Janis

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