This Week June 2nd – 6th



Monday, JUNE 2nd

Thursday, JUNE 5th

  • Grade 6’s to Vancouver Aquarium
  • Volunteer Appreciation LunchAlso received via email:
    … We will be hosting an appreciation brunch on Thursday, June 5th from 8:45- 10:30 am. It is an informal drop in and have a bagel kind of event! Teachers will pop in to visit as they can.
    We hope that if you have helped around the school in any way you will be able to join us. Please know that even if you can’t make it that morning, we truly do appreciate all that you give to our school community.

    LMCS Staff

Friday, JUNE 6th

  • Grade 5’s Farewell Event



Mustang Moments



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  1. Janis Roxburgh

    Friday is the grade 5 year end event…

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Thank you, Janis! Adding it to the calendar now 🙂

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