Could You Pitch In?



***Hello families fun lunch needs your help.****

Please, please, please if you have time sign up for any division (does not have to be your child’s). Sign up sheet is on our PAC board outside of the school office.
We need you all to meet up in the main foyer at 11:30ish on Thursday to deliver and distribute the pizza to the kids. Wednesday afternoon we need help getting the baskets of chips and extras delivered to the classes. Meet at 1:45 main foyer.

Even if you are not available to lend a hand you CAN help!
… Pass this along to another parent who may not have seen it! Thanks so much.

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  1. Denise Chenier

    Yes I can pitch in. Division 21 on Thursday. The school is closed when I get home so please add me.

    Thank you Denise. Nicholas Nelson’s mom

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